About the Na Umra Ki Seema Ho s01e01 torrent

About the Na Umra Ki Seema Ho s01e01 torrent

The successful release of Kumkum Bhagya, Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms will quickly be back with a new show. Also, the upcoming show that has premiered on Disney Hot Star Plus is ‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho s01e01 torrent.’ It is also available on the Star Plus TV channel. With the promo already out, the show has already sparked the hobby of viewers across all age organizations.

Episode 1 torrent

This indicates the way of life of a family dwelling in Lahore in the 90s. The girl leads Saba Qamar as Umra appears to have a passion for horses. Babar Javed, who also served as a director on the series alongside Wajahat Rauf, created this collection. A serial full of action, suspense, and drama that appeals to all age agencies, Na Umra Ki Seema is one of the contemporary suggests.

How the Makers of the Show Caught the Attention of the Audience?

To catch the attention of the target audience, the makers of the display aired a promo named ‘Intro’ that shows glimpses of their experiences of the 90s. It gives you a sneak peek into the lives of four sisters who’re poles apart in nature and their love for each other.

Na umra ki seema ho– Episode 2

The story revolves around Rohan (Shabbir Jan) and his circle of relatives. Rohan has a good circle of relatives, a wife, a son, and a loving daughter-in-regulation. His son is very filial and continually places his dad and mom first. Rohan is a simple man with old-fashioned values and believes that you can’t eat in case you don’t work. He is a totally hardworking individual, usually attempting his satisfaction to make ends meet.

Characters within the Na Umra Ki Seema Ho s01e01 torrent

Rohan comes from a small metropolis known as Patan [which is near Lahore] where his father had left him after his mother’s death. Rohan’s aunt and uncle raised him and ensured that he got training. Then, he moved to Lahore for his task, wherein he fell in love with Rabia, the daughter of a wealthy guy referred to as Abdul Khaliq.

na umra ki seema ho s01e01 torrent

They married despite all their differences and lived luckily, however, the future had other plans for them. Also, Rohan is extremely rich and the owner of a multi-billion-greenback business conglomerate. He has a controlling character, and he’s familiar with getting his way in any scenario or dispute. Also, his spouse is pregnant with their child, and they may be eagerly anticipating the day that the baby comes into the world.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho s01e01 torrent

Na Umra ki Seema ho is a story approximately age-gap love between an older, self-made businessman, Rohan(Fahad Mustafa), and a younger woman, Juhi (Sana Javed) who comes from a center-class family. The couple has to face numerous hurdles and societal prejudices to be together.


The display begins with a center-elegance woman having her first predominant mission at work, which is to cowl a wedding. She takes the project because she is aware that she wishes to land huge testimonies if she wants to be taken severely with the aid of her boss and make a call for herself on the subject of journalism. Also, the businessman comes from humble beginnings and labored hard to build his empire.


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